3D Warehouse 在线预览模型

欢迎来到3d Warehouse!在这里,您可以在线预览图片中机车的3d模型。若电脑访问卡顿,光标不移动,则推荐使用移动设备触屏操作。若您在预览过程中遇到问题,欢迎留言或利用邮箱联系。点击白色字体即可访问,进入3d界面后右下角有自定义操作,可以尝试变换模型的显示效果。

Welcome to 3d Warehouse! Here, you can preview the 3d model of the locomotive in the picture online. If the PC is stuck and the cursor does not move, you are advised to use the touch screen of a mobile device. If you encounter problems during the preview, please leave a message or contact us by email. Click the white font to access, enter the 3D interface after the lower right corner of the custom operation, you can try to change the display effect of the model.